Spring 2011 Information

     The first day of class was Jan. 25, 2010. Please let us know if you are interested in taking the class or have any questions. Note: Even if you missed the first day or two, you can still join the class. Those absences count, but you are allowed up to 3.

How Do I Enroll?

     On the first day of class, we will hand out the Course Control Number (CCN). Use that CCN on TeleBEARS to enroll. That's all you have to do! In class, we'll pass around a sign-in sheet. This is how we take attendance and also how we collect information such as your email address. (We're going to try bSpace this semester, which will automatically tell us who's in the class, but it's a bit of an experiment. We'll see how it goes.)

I Want to...

...Drop the Class

     You are able to drop the class through TeleBEARS up to the end of the 5th week. (A fee does kick in at some point, however.)

...Add the Class Late

     In general, we are happy to allow people to join late. However, remember that you can only have 3 absences, and if you join late, the weeks you missed count. Thus, the 4th class is absolutely the last week to join.

...Join as Concurrent Enrollment / Berkeley Extension / etc.

     University policy gets a little tricky here. Contact us, and we can help. Also, Midge, the department's undergraduate advisor, can help with such matters.

...Change the Number of Units

     This can be done through TeleBEARS up until the end of the 5th week.

A Little Note of Caution

     The student instructors have no power over the mystical forces of TeleBEARS. We cannot change anything about your enrollment status. (Heck, we can't even access the class roster without faculty or staff assistance!) If you don't make your change by the TeleBEARS deadline, you are responsible for filling out the appropriate petitions, which is a big pain. The lesson is this: do stuff on time.