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Campus Entities

Local Dancing

  • Shirley Smith, who hosts Thursday night dancing in Palo Alto
  • Cafe Simcha, the closest dance session—only 10 minutes away!—on Wednesdays
  • Loui Tucker, who hosts Monday night dancing in Sunnyvale (and a partner seminar on Wednesdays)

Other Useful Links

  • David Dassa, a professional IFD teacher who usually leads a Dance Marathon evening at Hillel during the semester
  • The "Aussie Database", a listing of just about every Israeli folk dance, its choreographer, the year it was made, the lyrics (and translation), and other info
  • Database of dance evenings and dance camps
  • Bat Amanoot, with interviews of famous choreographers and teachers worldwide
  • Rokdim, a source for music and videos
  • Bekalut, a listing of dance videos (hosted offsite)
  • Radio Harkada, internet radio station of Israeli Dance music, run by Ayelet Bukai
  • Nissim Ben Ami has uploaded literally 100's of IFD videos to YouTube
  • Israeli Folk Dance Video Index, created by the fine folks at MIT
  • There is dancing in just about every major city in America, Israel, and many other countries—and just as many websites. If you want information about dancing in a particular city or are looking for particular information online, ask Aaron.