Guidelines Handout

     The handout from class is the primary information source for this assignment. Download it here.

What Will I Be Doing?

     This assignment consists of two parts:

  • Go to an Israeli Dance café-style evening one time in the semester for 2 hours.
  • Write a brief response comparing your experience to what Café Danssa and The Intersection, two popular Israeli Dance clubs in Los Angeles in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Where Can I Find an Israeli Dance Café Evening?

     There are many Israeli Dance events that happen in the Bay Area. Some occur weekly, and some occur less regularly.

Weekly Israeli Dance Events

  • Café Simcha—Wednesday nights, in Kensington (about 10 minute drive from campus), 8 - 11:30 P.M. The admission fee is $5, but the Jewish Studies Dep't. will pay for you to go one time (just let the person running the evening know). You can take the #7 AC Transit bus to get there and get a ride back (ask the person running the evening, and they'll find you a ride), carpool with a friend from class (recommended), drive yourself, or carpool with one of the instructors. See their website.
  • Sababa Nights—Thursday nights, DJ'd by Shirley Smith, in Palo Alto, 8:30 - midnight. High energy session, spring wood floor, lots of fun. $8 per person. Email Shirley with questions.
  • Loui Tucker—Monday nights, in Sunnyvale, 7:30 - 11:30 P.M. (come early for the beginners' class). $6 per person. Loui is a great teacher, wonderful mix of old classics and brand new dances. See Loui's website.

Monthly, Sporadic, and Special Dance Events

  • Dance Marathon in Palo Alto—Karina Lamber-Niederman is hosting once-a-month marathons at the JCC in Palo Alto. $6 for students. Lively dancing all night long, diverse group of people, a really special event. There are none scheduled for February, but on March 12, Karina, Loui, and Shirley are co-hosting a big one to celebrate Purim (basically, Jewish Halloween). They're usually the first Saturday of the month, but that's subject to change. Email Karina or visit her Facebook page (she usually makes a Facebook event for these).
  • Café Shalom—Monthly dancing in San Francisco, DJ'd by Udy Gold, organized by Rosanna Horton, on the west end of SF at St. Paul's church. A great review of older, easier dances, with some newer ones. Informational Facebook group.